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With rising energy costs and the desire to support environmental concerns, businesses and building managers need to find every way to improve the efficiency of their facilities. However this cannot be done at the expense of employees’ comfort or productivity. How to manage this trade off space between efficiency and employee choice is key. Similarly within the efficiency tradeoff space, there are trade-offs within every decision – such as between artificial light that uses energy and natural light that might add heat when the air conditioning is on – that must be managed in real-time as conditions change. Finally, security is becoming more complicated with too much data from sensors and cameras is being delivered to be processes by humans. Security systems must take the load off of humans so they can focus where human decision making is best used. To be as green, efficient and safe as possible, buildings must be as smart as possible.


SAKURA INTEGRA creates a future where buildings and campuses are intelligent enough to act based on rules you set and yet allow your employees or tenants to have choices within your configured parameters. For example, as clouds reduce the sun’s heat energy on windows, the glass might become less opaque allowing in more light without heat so that lights can be dimmed and temperature in the room can be varied for various comfort levels while people are not in the house for an extended period of time Or as prices for power fluctuate, the building would change power sources or reduces air conditioning levels, etc. The system can even manage negotiation between users in the building as to who get priority service or negotiate with alternate suppliers. Finally, your automated event management and surveillance systems free you security personnel to focus on the exceptions not the routine.

SAKURA INTEGRA Smart and Green Building Solutions

SAKURA INTEGRA provides this intelligence by adding a thin layer of intelligence to integrate and enhance existing building systems. This lets you harness you existing investments to support new intelligent capabilities without disruption. Our intelligent agents are distributed to the places in the building where they can do the most good from sensor to mainframe, providing a virtual nervous system. And our cognitive model also provides the brain as well. This creates a common operating picture to integrate all building operations from lights, to networks to security. SAKURA INTEGRA common operating picture gives building managers the ability to monitor and control all aspects of building operation so to optimize its operation while maintaining worker control. It can automate certain decisions while watching for unexpected event to bring to the attention of decision makers. It can also negotiate with suppliers such as telecommunications and electricity suppliers for the best pricing based on parameters you set.

Solution List

  • Building and campus wide optimization routines
  • Localized optimization (e.g. an office)
  • Sensor integration and data fusion
  • Event monitoring
  • Network Optimization
  • Distributed Intelligence
  • Threat recognition using pattern recognition and data correlation
  • Distributed integration
  • Environmental optimization
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • IP-enable remote management of systems like sprinklers and building control
  • Disaster and recovery planning

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