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SAKURA INTEGRA provides mineral management services and mineral economics consulting expertise. We work in carrying out market research and analysis, process development and strategic planning, linking producers with distributors, project development support and aspect of mineral economics, mineral processing, material handling, resource recovery and related industries.

We work with key people on the issue of "Sustainability" for the plastics and coatings markets and work with customers throughout the product life cycle, from beginning to end. We carefully monitor the supply and value chain, continually improve product performance and seek ways to recycle or find productive uses for waste materials. In this regard, carbon footprint reductions and product reuse and recycling are key initiatives.

SAKURA INTEGRA helps customers improve product performance and reduce environmental impact. We help coatings customers limit VOC content and incorporate post industrial and post consumer products into their finished products.

We provide to our custumers state of art methodologies for material requirement definition and specifications.

  • Material Requirements Specification - Elicitation of material requirements based on the physics of the problem and on the criticality of the system.
  • Material Selection - Our in-house knowledge on the mechanical behaviour of polymeric (thermosets, rubber, thermoplastics, foams, etc.), composites and metallic materials is of paramount importance for a correct material selection procedure.
  • Complex Material Systems & Nanomaterials - Our experience in tailoring materials for demanding applications is of great importance for very specific applications.

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