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We pursue a proven, conservative investment strategy that emphasizes the fundamental performance of underlying companies rather than making bets on short-term market movements or jumping on the latest bandwagon. We only invest in companies that meet our internally developed set of rigorous quantitative criteria and that are under good management.  We believe that an investment should exhibit what we call absolute value, and it means that we personally contact management at every company we invest in before committing clients funds.

SAKURA INTEGRA invests only in equity securities of Indonesia listed companies, and takes only long positions.

We offer services in managing your investment portfolio by using quantitative and qualitative analysis regardless of market capitalization. We also offer consulting services on investment for small, medium and big companies for the optimum results. Our specialists also will help you to answer financial management questions:

  • How to reduce operating costs
  • How to leverage the management of working capital
  • How to create a common center of a financial function serving
  • How to ensure that company directors and management receive the operative reports that are necessary to make decisions
  • How to combine employees’ motivation with strategic company goals
  • How to reorganize a financial function in order to increase efficiency
  • How to reduce preparation terms for financial statements and administrative reporting

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