Environmental Conservation & Climate Protection

We recognizes climate change as a serious concern that warrants meaningful action on a global basis to stabilize the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs). We believe all sectors of society, the economy and governments worldwide must participate in solutions to climate change.

Climate change

We has been a leader in addressing climate change through our energy conservation and climate protection expert. SAKURA INTEGRA leadership is defined by our:

  • Longstanding global commitment
  • Comprehensive and multifaceted programs covering the company’s operations, products and services
  • Leading-edge innovations and client solutions
  • Significant results, both early and ongoing, benefiting IBM, our clients and the world

A six-part strategy

We have a longstanding commitment to climate protection and execute a six-part strategy to reduce the GHG emissions related to our operations:

  1. Designing, building, updating and operating facilities, including data centers and manufacturing operations, that optimize their use of energy and materials and minimize GHG emissions
  2. Purchasing electricity generated from low carbon dioxide (CO2)-emitting and renewable energy-generating sources where it makes business and environmental sense
  3. Minimizing the use and emissions of GHGs in semiconductor manufacturing, including perfluorocompounds and other GHGs
  4. Requiring our suppliers to maintain an Environmental Management System which includes energy use and GHG emissions inventories and reduction plans
  5. Reducing employee commuting and business travel
  6. Increasing the efficiency of IBM’s logistics operations

In addition, for our hardware and software products and services, IBM's strategy includes designing energy-efficient products and providing clients with energy-efficient solutions that also help reduce their climate impact.

SAKURA INTEGRA considers energy and material conservation to be the cornerstone of our climate protection efforts. SAKURA INTEGRA does not have plans to use emissions offsets to become “carbon neutral” for all or part of our operations. Our efforts to reduce SAKURA INTEGRA’s GHG emissions are focused on delivering results in the areas where the company can make the greatest positive impact on climate protection—by devoting available resources to actions, products and solutions that actually increase energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions for both SAKURA INTEGRA and our clients, rather than offsetting them.

Conserving energy

SAKURA INTEGRA’s energy conservation goal recognizes only completed projects that actually reduce or avoid the consumption of energy in our operations. Reductions in energy consumption from downsizings, the sale of operations and cost avoidance actions, such as fuel switching and off-peak load shifting, are not included in the results for measuring performance against achieving this goal. Moreover, the conservation results discussed above are conservative in that they include only the first year’s savings from the conservation projects. Ongoing conservation savings beyond the first year are not included in the tally. Accordingly, the total energy savings and CO2 emissions avoidance from these conservation actions is actually greater than this simple summation of the annual results.

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